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56 Days and Counting….. February 6, 2010

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OK…. it is the morning of the third day of my quest for leanness…  What have I been doing the past two days?  SWIMMING, of course!  Never one for moderation, I have now become nearly fanatic about swimming.  I knew that IF I could get myself started on this new routine, I would become as excessive about IT as I tend to be about everything else.  I wonder, is it possible to become excessively moderate??

Don’t get me wrong — the unopened bag of peanut butter M&M’s (my latest vice) still calls my name, often loudly, from the pantry.  I am still craving the gravy-slathered life that I so loved.  BUT, just two days of swimming laps at the YMCA and carefully watching my diet, and I have dropped TWO pounds.  Admittedly a drop in the proverbial bucket, but success nonetheless. 

Added to that possible fluke in my weight, the swimming has made me feel really good, and my knee is already doing better.  The first day I did 11 laps (a lap being 50 yards) and had a few sore muscles, especially in my upper arms.   If I keep this up, that flabby wobbly stuff  that hangs alluringly from my biceps  may be on its way out!!  I have to admit I got a little tired during my 11 laps, and stopped briefly to rest between laps.

Now yesterday, excuses for not going were plentiful.  I was getting together with a couple of friends to watch movies that are up for Academy Awards.  This was from 1 to 4.  Movies=popcorn and raisinettes and/or junior mints.  But yesterday I ate a piece of yummy delicious string cheese before I went, and had only a small bowl of microwave popcorn as a snack.  Then, even though it was POURING rain (what Southern Californians so innocently call “a STORM”…) I left directly from my friend’s house,at 4 p.m.,  drove to the YMCA, and stuck to my plan.  I did 16 laps yesterday, and although it doesn’t seem possible, it really was easier than the first day!    Once again I marvel at the ability of the abused, misused and ignored human body to respond to even the smallest amount of respect & good treatment!! 

Now food, you ask?  Yes, I had some.  Because I have yet to fully stock up on the things I need to have around to really do this right, I have had to make do.  I had eggs and onions for breakfast yesterday — scrambled in PAM, in place of that usual stick of butter.  Note to self:  Be sure to add “Don’t You Wish I Were Butter” to my shopping list.  In a pinch, the tub of butter substitute can be palatable, and certainly is better than nothing.  (My apologies to the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” people, but I, for one, CAN believe it….)

As a snack I  had one piece of string cheese and a couple of apple slices with some peanut butter on them.  (I need to buy some organic peanut butter, I suppose….  something without sugar added….) 

After swimming, it was dinner time AND I was starving, as I always am after swimming,  so  I had a huge plate of steamed brocoli, with a little salt and a little more pepper on it. 

Today is Saturday, and the plan is to go through my low-cal, low-fat, low-carb cookbooks and find the most interesting dishes for next week.   I would probably not be successful if I continued to eat the boring fare I just described.  Plus, there was no real cooking involved.   I MUST have my fussing around in the kitchen.  I need to dice, slice and mince or I feel deprived. 

So I am optimistic that I can achieve my goals — maybe I won’t lose all I need to lose before the wedding — I certainly won’t lose all I need to LOSE to be really in good shape — but at least I am bound to feel better and look better than if I just continued with my near-gluttony.   Actually, to be accurate, I am not a BIG eater.  I just eat ALL the wrong things, like chocolate and starches… love my potatoes, almost anyway they can be cooked, and always with REAL BUTTER.    So it isn’t that I eat all that much, but what I have been eating are all the wrong things.  That coupled with not nearly enough exercise — we haven’t even been golfing because it has been raining so much — has led to a lack of energy and an extra 30 pounds.  Possibly 40.  I have to be realistic, however.  I am probably not going to be able to get into my “skinny jeans” from the 70’s, which, yes, I actually have stashed away!   Hope Springs Eternal, you know!  But this effort is not just ONLY for reasons of vanity, it is more importantly a plan to regain my former energy and to stay healthy.  

One morning I was watching my two younger grand-daughters, Katie and Gracie.  At that time Gracie was 2 and Katie was 5.  Gracie was jumping on me and being silly, and all of a sudden Katie said emphatically, “GRACIE!!  Be careful!! This isn’t Mommy.  This is Nana, she’s old, she could DIE!!”    Absolutely true, Katie!!  But my plan is to try to put that off for as long as possible!!

I am off to make my shopping list and menu plan for next week,  stock up the pantry and fridge, and THEN,  of COURSE,   go swimming!!


2 Responses to “56 Days and Counting…..”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Easy to hit that goal, actually. We’ll just keep ramping up the exercise. I lost 2 pounds this week myself, just by watching my diet and adding one extra workout.

    By April 3, we’ll both be gorgeous.

  2. flea Says:

    well, i lost 3 lbs this week but those are the lbs i gained LAST week…..all i do is walk on the beach…..lucky me………..!

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